Risen Christ Lutheran School was established in 1976 concurrent with the establishment of Risen Christ Lutheran Church and as a mission outreach of the congregation.  A small white house that had become a hay barn sitting on 3.5 acres was the building that was used for the school during the week and then rearranged for church services on Sundays.  With the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Albert Kresken the school ministry grew.  Portables were used for classrooms in the early years and then the original sanctuary, church and school offices and two classrooms were constructed.

By 1989, just a couple months before Hurricane Hugo struck, an addition to the main building was completed and provided for three more classrooms, bathrooms and a cafeteria and kitchen.  The old white house continued to be used for classrooms and for a library as well as for the church resale store and portables were still in use for upper elementary and middle grades.

In 1999, the Dr. Albert Kresken building was completed with four classrooms, bathrooms, lockers, and a media center housing the library and computer lab.  Risen Christ began the process of accreditation with the leadership of interim principal Mrs. Cindy Gnewuch and Mr. Conrad Koch, former Asst. Superintendent of Prince George County Schools, Maryland in 2000.  In 2001 Risen Christ Lutheran School received accreditation through the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).

Stepping into the future of education and pioneering blended-learning in Horry County, Risen Christ began its virtual high school in 2008.  This highly structured online learning environment combined with on-campus classes, fellowship, service learning, seminar and internship opportunities, and our high school offers a unique and quality college preparatory experience unparalleled in Horry County.

Encouraged by the successes of the past, the constant, prayerful support of Risen Christ Lutheran and the vision of the school’s leadership, Risen Christ gives all glory to God for where we have been and for the exciting future that awaits us a premier educational institution in Horry County.